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STB Emulator Setup

Open up STB Emulator

1.       On the “Menu” button on the remote
2.       You will notice a Settings drop down menu
3.       Click on “Mediaplayer”
4.       I recommend using “Ijk Player” (I find this to be the most stable player, a little slow on the start but stable after)
5.       After you pick the Ijk player go back and click “Settings”
6.       Click on “Profiles”
7.       Click on “New Profile”
8.       Click on “Portal Settings”
9.       Click on “Portal URL”
10.   In here you want to have “http://eztv1.pw (Or the service your subscribing to)” and once that is done click “OK”
11.   Return to the previous page and click on “STB Configuration”
12.   In here you will see “MAC address” ***I NEED THIS NUMBER TO ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT!
13.   Text me or email me this Mac Address
14.   Click and hold the “return” button on your remote until a message appears Would you like to exit … click ok



WARNING:This will erase everything that has been preinstalled by you or the person who programmed the unit!

*Only do this if you want to redo Kodi with Zoomtaks version of Kodi, its add-ons, as well if you want to erase and update the box to the latest firmware from manufacturer! 

Go to Apps Section,  where all the Apps are on the unit.

Find Supersu > Click on “Supersu”

*If a “Follow Me” screen appears click on “No Thanks”

>Click on “Settings” > Uncheck “Re-Authentication” > Uncheck “Auto-refresh apps and log.tab”

**NOTE: ONLY “ENABLE SUPERUSER” Should have a check mark!!! DO NOT UNCHECK THIS!!

Once done click on the remote to go back to the Apps Section with all the Apps on the unit.

> Click on “OTA”

*If new firmware is found it will prompt if you would like to download. At this time click yes if you would like to install and rewrite your unit with the new firmware. (This will take some time to do)

Once new firmware is downloaded to the unit, a screen will pop up with 2 areas that can be checked off … check the 2 boxes and follow the instructions. If SUPERUSER pops up as well “Grant” Access!!

The system will re-boot and will update the firmware at this time!

Zoomtak’s version of KODI and its add-ons

From your home screen

> Click on “Settings”
> Click on “Other”
> Click on “More Settings”
> Click on “Apps”
> Click on “Kodi”

Click on “Clear Data”*MESSAGE will appear “Delete app data” Click “OK” … “Data” will show “0.00B”

> Click on “Force Stop” If not already Grayed out

Go Back to Your Home Screen

> Click on “Apps”
> Click on “Media Manager”
> Click on “Clear Data and Cache of Kodi” *If “Superuser” comes up “Grant” access!
> Click on “Kodi Add on Install” * This will take a bit to complete

Once completed a message will appear “Package update successfully, Press OK to exit” Click on “OK”

> EXIT to Home Screen
> Click on Kodi

Once in Kodi let it sit for a bit and let it take its updates!

If you should see the following messages:

“CONFLUENCE” add-on is incompatible etc …. Choose “NO”!!!

If other messages should appear and the ONLY option is the “OK” button then click “OK”

After messages have been cleared still leave Kodi alone for another 5mins or so to complete its automatic updates.

You also may get messages from sites that require registration like USTVNOW, “Are you a premium sub” *If you are click “Yes” and enter your information.

*If you are not a premium sub click “No”